About Us

From inception to first flight and beyond

Who we are

Setup by Asian aviation pioneer Diana Chou and Adrien Chazottes, JET 8 was established to provide boutique advisory services to aircraft owners in Asia Pacific. With over 200 aircraft transactions to their credit, the JET 8 Team have the expertise to tailor the best private aviation solutions to match your needs.

Our Values
Best solutions for our customers

We provide boutique advisory services to our clients, ensuring they acquire the right aircraft at the right price, or smoothly dispose of their existing airplane with the best resale value.

We work with them to define the most appropriate strategy and maximize their aircraft’s value.

Unparalleled Expertise
Every person you interact with at JET 8 has a proven track record with a major Aircraft Manufacturer or its official dealer, adding OEM and transactional experience to a wide industry network.
Focus on Quality
Analyses and strategies are tailor-made to answer our clients’ unique operational targets and financial perspectives.
Strongest Business Ethics
We have a full disclosure policy and ensure all transactions are fully transparent to our clients.
Dedicated to Asia
Our team is strategically deployed across the Asia Pacific region, with profound understanding of local dynamics.
Our Mission
With you throughout the entire ownership journey

Our focus goes beyond the transaction – we remain actively engaged with you and your team to ensure your private aviation experience is a smooth journey. All along, we provide you with regular market updates to keep you ahead of the trend and safeguard your investment.

Asia's leading boutique aircraft advisory
JET 8 offers end-to-end, turnkey solutions for your private aviation journey
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