Our Focus
With you throughout the entire ownership journey

Our focus goes beyond the transaction – we remain actively engaged with you and your team to ensure your private aviation experience is a smooth journey. All along, we provide you with regular market updates to keep you ahead of the trend and safeguard your investment.

End-to-end acquisition solutions

We guide and accompany our clients throughout the entire aircraft acquisition process. Our goal is to ensure a very smooth experience from start to finish:

Strategic Acquisition Tool®

JET 8 acquisition team relies on a unique Strategic Acquisition Tool® to help our clients navigate a complex market.

In addition to technical and performance comparisons, we synthesise key parameters that directly impact aircraft values and provide a comprehensive financial view of the entire aircraft life cycle, from acquisition to resale. By including financial, operational and depreciation elements, we remove the noise from the market and focus on what makes a good deal the best one.

We provide you with a unique set of evaluation parameters to ensure you make the very best acquisition, every time.

Monetary assumptions
Flight hours per year, fuel cost, labor rate, crew expenses, exchange rate
Financial assumptions
Acquisition price, down payment, amortization period, balloon payment, resale value
Fixed costs
Crew salaries, Hangar, Insurance, Crew Training, Management Fees
Variable costs
Fuel, airframe maintenance, engines and APU allowance, flight costs, catering
Further maintenance checks and, if applicable, cabin modernization
Cash flow
Annual net cash flow, average cost per flight hour, total over period of ownership